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With Cracka Wines there are two different ways you can participate in our auctions:

Firstly, you can immerse yourself in all of the action of the live auction and you can click on the "Accept Price" button when the time is right - taking your chances and basing your decision on the current price, the number of cases remaining, and your best guess of when to get in before other Cracka users grab the last remaining cases from under you! Alternatively - and particularly if you can’t be there for the live auction - you can place a bid prior to the start of, or during a live auction at a price which you are happy to pay and a price at which you hope there will be some cases left for you to win. The strategy you choose is entirely up to you!

1. ACCEPT (THE CURRENT) PRICE − this is the best and most exciting way to buy in Cracka Wines’ Auctions.

You can watch the live auction and see the price reducing whilst at the same time watch other buyers purchase the available cases at different prices. Buying this way lets you try to anticipate the best time to get in before everything is sold. However, be careful not to wait too long as there could be a group of sealed bids waiting to win all of the remaining products at any time!

To Accept the current Price, just wait until the current price of an item reduces to your preferred amount and then click on the "Accept Price" button. When you click on the "Accept Price" button you will be shown the total cost of the case together with the delivery costs. You will then be asked to confirm that you are happy to pay the total amount. Once payment is confirmed, the wine is yours! Remember, if you take too long to confirm your payment or to submit your delivery address, etc, then you can still miss out - so get in sooner rather than later!

Psssst... here's a tip... and another HUGE bonus of watching the live auctions through to the very end; if someone's payment fails due to a - heaven forbid! - stolen Credit Card, then the cases they had secured will be dropped back into the auction for whoever is lucky enough to be watching. Just think, if you're watching you might pick a random win like this for less than what everyone else has paid. Sweet hey! Serious note: unfortunately, if you've been outbid then we cannot simply re-instate your bid when situations like these occur, sorry.

Note that if you’re not registered or even signed in then your purchase will take a little longer and other buyers could buy all of the remaining cases whilst you are in the middle of processing your membership, submitting your delivery details, or signing in. To avoid the risk of missing out, be sure to register and then pre-load your delivery and payment details within the MyCracka section of the website so you can quickly confirm these during the auction to lock in that case! Remember, the wine is not yours until your payment has been confirmed. Good luck!

2. MAKING AN OFFER - this is most useful for people who can’t watch the live auction.

Making an offer (or bidding) in Cracka Wines' auctions is a lot like bidding on other auctions - but there’s a big difference! With traditional auctions you place a bid that is higher than the previous bid, is visible to all other participants, and will be the winning bid should no other person bid higher.

With Cracka Wines' auctions you make your offer at a price you would like to pay in the hope that it is slightly more than what other members are willing to pay for the available cases – but no one else can see the value of your offer. Your offer is successful if there are Cases available when the 'Current Price' reduces to the value of your offer. You can submit your offers at any time in the 7 days prior to or during the live auction.

It’s important to note that early offers rank higher than identical offers of the same value. This means that if 10 people offer the same amount for the last remaining case, then the earliest bidder will be the one who wins – so it’s always best to get your bids in early.

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