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I am having trouble accessing/browsing certain areas of

Our development team works really hard to ensure that our site works across a variety of browsers and operating systems, however, if you are having trouble browsing and using some of the features of our site (such as making an offer), it may be because we no longer support your browser/operating system.

The browsers/operating systems that we support are listed below:

PC users:

  • Windows 7 & above
  • Internet Explorer 10 & above (including Edge)
  • Firefox 10 & above
  • Chrome 34 & above
  • Safari 5 & above

Mac users:

  • OSX 10.9 & above
  • Safari 5 & above
  • Firefox 10 & above
  • Chrome 34 & above

iPhone/iPad users:

  • IOS 8 & above

Android users:

  • Android version 4.4 & above
  • Android native browser
  • Chrome

Our site also uses cookies (very small files that are sent by us to your computer or other access device) which we can access when you visit our site in future. You must have cookies enabled in order to use certain features of our site, such as accessing your My Cracka Account and to make offers on our falling price auctions.

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