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Cracka Wines' Daily Deals are different to other auctions - but relax they’re not complicated. Take a few minutes familiarising yourself with the information provided below and you’ll be a Cracka Wines Auction expert in no time. Note that we also have a "How It Works" area that is accessible from all auction pages which includes video tutorials and a comprehensive overview of everything auction related.

Basically, the price starts falling in a Cracka Wines' Auctions when the countdown for the auction 'start' time reaches zero. Each auction runs for an hour, is for a specific product, and will have a pre-determined number of Cases of that product allocated to it. Each auction will also have a specific Starting Price, which will generally be the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). When the auction clock starts, the price starts falling!

You can purchase a case at any time during an auction for the "Current bottle price" being displayed - by clicking on the "Accept Price" button. You can also make an offer (place a bid) at any time before the auction 'start' time or during an auction by clicking on the "Make An Offer" button. Auctions end when all of the available Cases have been purchased, or when the "Last Chance" period concludes 60mins after the start of each auction.

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